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    How To Flash Oppo F3 CPH1609 Flashing Done

    Oppo F3 phone that we will flash it has forgotten Pattern Lock Screen, To be able to use the phone of course we must enter the key pattern that we have settings on the phone settings. So what if we forget the key pattern? inevitably we have to do Flash on the phone.

    How To Flash Oppo F3

    In addition to Forgot Pattern Lock Screen This flash way can also overcome Bootloop or just stuck Oppo logo just can not go to Home screen, Hank, Weight, Exposed Virus or other damage to your Oppo F3 phone system.

    I hope you have back up your data D.W.Y.O.R

    You should also download some of the files I have included below for the flash process to work, such as Oppo Driver, Software Download Tool and also Firmware Oppo F3.

    Please downlad the files :
    1. Mtk Usb Driver 
    2. Driver Pda Net 
    3. DownloadTool for Oppo F3 
    4. Fimware Oppo F3 

    How To Flash Oppo F3 :

    • Extract all files and then unite in one folder to make it easier
    • Install Mtk Usb Driver and Driver Pda Net
    • Turn Off your Oppo F3
    • Open Download_Tool folder then click Download_Tool.exe
    • Click START ALL, if Firmware has one folder with Download Tool will automatically read the Firmware if not please point to the folder where you put Firmware
      Flash Oppo F3
    • After Firmware successfully unread, back on your Oppo F3 phone, In the off press and hold Down Volume + Up Volume while connecting phone to computer using data cable
    • When Driver is installed on your computer then the flash process will run immediately, if not please check back the driver
    • Flashing is process and wait until finished
      Flash Oppo F3

    After the flash process is finished Oppo F3 phone you will restart it yourself, let until successful hp Booting about 15 minutes after that do the usual settings for your phone can be used. Congratulations your Oppo F3 phone is Normal again.

    So for How to Flashing Oppo F3 via Download Tool hopefully can help you who are in need.

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