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    How To Remove Mi Account Redmi 4A Rolex

    For those of you who experience difficulties because Redmi 4A Rolex is requesting Mi Cloud account Activity, either because after flash or suddenly lost the current mode and you forget the account and password.

    You can follow the way below This way can be for Xiaomi Redmi 4A Rolex that already Ubl or Ubl yet.

    First you please Download File-file below:

    Excess Files Remove Micloud above, among others

    • Only 1 MB in size
    • The Flash process is very fast just a few seconds
    • Safe Wifi
    • Bluetooth Secure
    •  Can update OTA
    After downloading all files then do Flash on Redmi 4A you use the above V8.1.4.0 firmware with Flash Xiaomi Redmi 4A via EDL. Then after the flash turn on your phone up to writing MIUI 8.
    Remove Mi Account Redmi 4A

    After Redmi 4A like the picture above then turn off then go in Fastboot Xiaomi mode in the same way as when Flash firmware

    1. Turn off Redmi 4A mobile phone then enter Fastboot by press Down Volume + Power to enter Fastboot
    2. Connect the phone with the computer
    3. In the Hold Adb folder SHIFT on the keyboard and right click on mouse select "Open Command Window Here"
    4. type fastboot oem edl then Enter on adb
    5. Run Xiaomi Flash Beta then Flash using File Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 4A Rolex
    6. When finished flash Turn on the phone by pressing the power button until the phone turns on
    Congratulations Xiaomi Redmi 4A mobile phone you can re-use, you can enter the account Mi Cloud you already have or create a new account.

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