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    How to Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 5A [RIVA]

     How to Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 5A [RIVA]

    You are a user of  Xiami Redmi 5A and have difficulties with your noodle account either forget your mi account or your phone request activation of account mi after you do flash, you can follow the way that I will type below.

    Please Download all the required files:

    1.  Xiaomi Redmi 5A Driver 
    2. Xiaomi Mi Flash
    3. File Remove Mi Cloud Riva

    How to Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 5A [RIVA]
    • Extract all the files you have downloaded
    • Install Xiaomi Mi Flash and Driver Redmi 5A
    • Turn off Redmi 5A and enter Edl Mode can use Testpoint see picture below
       How to Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 5A [RIVA]
    • Open Xiaomi Mi flash click select then input file Remove Redmi 5A
    • Click Refresh on Mi Flash if it says "COM: XX" means Redmi 5A you are connected if there is no driver check
    • Click Flash and the flash process will run
    • Wait a while until your Flash succsess and Remi 5A will Restart
    • Done

    Congratulations Redmi5A mobile phone you can pass account activation or have not locked account mi again. If after Remove there is a bug on the sensor please do flash using Fix Sensor file in Remove Flash file like Remove Mi Cloud way.

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