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    How To Flash Lenovo A6000 Solved

    This time i will share the Flash mode of Lenovo A6000 which is experiencing Bootloop or just stuck in Lenovo logo only. Actually there are two ways to do this Flash Mode First by using Qualqomm Flashtool (QcomDloader) and the second by using QFIL.

    Both of them both I've been practicing and successful, but I will discuss in this article is to use the first way, because I think is very easy and also always successful for me.

    Bootloop itself there are 2 types First, Lightweight Bootloop is Damage system software that can be overcome by way of Wipe Data Or by Flash. Both Bootloop Severe Bootloop caused by Hardware malfunction (EMMC) and the solution is only by replacing the Hardware.

    In addition to Bootloop Flash we will do this also can overcome various problems on the ponsel Lenovo A6000 Software, such as Forgot Ponsel pattern, weight, Hank and more.
    How to Flash Lenovo A6000

    Before we continue, I want to urge you to back up your data first because after in Flash your data will be erased all. and you should also download the files I have included below.
    1. Quallqomm Usb Driver
    2. Quallqomm Flashtool
    3. Firmware Lenovo A6000
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
    •  Extract all the files you have downloaded
    • Install Qualqomm Driver Lenovo A6000
    • Then Open the Flashtool Qualqomm Folder and click QcomDloader.exe
    • Enter the Lenovo A6000 Firmware
    • The phone is off Press and Hold Volume Down + Up volume while connecting the computer using the data cable
    • Then click the Start button on QcomDloader (see picture above)
    • If Driver successfully installed then Flash process will Walk
    • Then wait until the sucsess flash process

    The Flash process is successful and sucsess Unplug the data cable then unplug the battery and plug it in again and turn on your Lenovo A6000 phone wait 15 minutes and Happy your Lenovo A6000 mobile phone is back to normal.

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